Accommodations for Huge Groups

Big Caribou Lake is designed to comfortably accommodate groups of up to 40 People.

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About the Cottage

With 16 Rooms and space for 40, Big Caribou Lake offers a unique opportunity to vacation with your big group.


Big Caribou Lake's rooms are divided into 5 Suites. Each suite includes 3 bedrooms and a living room and can accommodate eight people.


The Cottage also includes a Double Kitchen to feed all your hungry guests as well as two 6-piece baths for your convenience.


  • Accommodations for up to 40 People
  • Two 6-piece Washrooms
  • Double Sized Kitchen with Massive Dining Area
  • Large Chest Freezer
  • Five 3-Bedroom Suites with Living Room
  • Large Fireplace
  • Washer and Dryer
  • Large Living Room
  • Seating for Everyone

    Double Kitchen

    The Great Big Room


    The Cottage at Big Caribou Lake

    Upstairs Loft

    The Dining Area